Our Technology

Our proprietary method utilizes methane from natural gas, or similar feedstocks, to produce hydrogen and carbon materials in the forms of graphene sheets and graphite.

Comparing to current alternatives of hydrogen production, our process is zero-emission, energy efficient with maximum value.



Unlike today’s most common hydrogen production method - Steam Methane Reforming - which produces around 11.5 units of CO2 per unit of hydrogen generated, Apeiron’s technology has zero direct emissions. This is because our process converts all the carbon content from the methane or natural gas into graphene and graphite.



While water electrolysis is a zero-emission hydrogen production process, it consumes significantly more energy than our process does. Apeiron’s technology holds a competitive edge in terms of energy efficiency even comparing to current industrial production method - Steam Methane Reforming.


maximum value

Our technology derives carbon products that are of high values. The products includes graphene sheets, which is the highest quality form of graphene, and graphite, which is a useful commodity in batteries and steelmaking industries. With sales of both carbon products, the economics of the production of hydrogen is further enhanced.